What is the Google Medic update?

Have you recently seen your website’s positions drop?

Are they fluctuating more than they have been recently?

Then you may well have been affected by Google’s most recent update – The Google Medic update.

What is the Google Medic update?

On the 1st of August Google announced they had rolled out a ‘broad core update’ to their search algorithm. Essentially, Google amended the importance of many of it’s existing algorithm ranking considerations.

Although Google regularly make adjustments to it’s search algorithm (allegedly around 1 to 2 a day) these core updates are essentially enhancement milestones that are designed to help the end user’s search experience improve.

Previous updates have targeted specific problem areas that have tried to manipulate Google’s search algorithm for quick gains in positions for example penalising poor quality or duplicate content and websites that engage in poor quality linking practices.

Google Medic Update Announcement

Does the Medic Update target a specific issue?

The data so far suggests that it doesn’t and Google have been pretty vague about any potential targets.

Google Medic Update - Does it target health sites

So far it seems that this has simply raised the quality bar when it comes to the over 200 ranking factors it already takes into consideration.

As such there isn’t any specific changes you can make to quickly recover your previous rankings, it is more a case of ensuring your overall approach adheres to best practice guidelines with the focus on quality, anyone looking for a quick fix will most likely do their rankings even more harm.

If you have been affected we can help you get your rankings back!

We will start by conducting an in depth analysis of your website, both on and off site – for free – then come back to you with plan to ensure you adhere to the best practice guidelines set out by Google.

Adhering to these guidelines will safe guard you against further ranking drops and help preserve your long term success online.

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