We mentioned on page SEO in our post explaining ‘What Is SEO’ but we only really scratched the surface for obvious reasons. That introductory post about the basics of SEO was designed to be easily digested, forgoing anything too techie or boring.

This post is in the same vein to give you a bite size insight into the world of on page SEO. So what is On page SEO?

Put simply it is the process of enhancing each page of your website to best please the major search engines, that’s it in a nutshell! In doing so you will be laying the foundations for your off page SEO and the two in combination will grant you higher rankings in the search listings.

Even without the aid of off page SEO though, you can still see your pages rank for lower competition keywords and phrases.

On-page quite literally means ‘the text that is on your web pages’ or content as we marketers like to refer to it as, and the HTML source code of your web pages. The easy bit that requires no real technical skill is the modification of your content.

You have to ask yourself ‘Is my content interesting?’ and ‘will people want to share my content?’. The answer to both questions should be yes.

Don’t just fill out your pages thinking ‘ah well, no one will read it, they just want my product/service’. If so you’ll quickly realise that your traffic (if you have any) will dry up pretty quickly.

Your content is the very backbone of your website, without it there would be no reason to rank you, nothing for your visitors to grab onto. The best content pages are focused on a topic, product or service and have a relevant theme throughout.

Hyper relevancy from top to bottom is the key.

Even if it isn’t product or service related like an ‘About Us’ section or just the ‘Contact’ page, give the text your personality (or the tone your business is wanting to portray) and make it work for you.

Search engines now have such a high level of intelligence that they will be able to tell the difference between some half baked filler content and some highly sharable killer content. Guess which of the two will rank?

There have been many changes to the way people approach on page SEO over the years but as of now the saying goes Content is king. Make sure yours is relevant to your Page Title and a concise pleasure to read.

Write for the end user and not the search engines and you’ll be well on your way to good solid traffic.

Filling your content with your chosen keyword and copying then spinning content will not work, it may have in the past but ignore these supposedly effective tricks, or risk the wrath of a Google penalty and barely readable filler.

The second one every single time.

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