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If you’re a regionally based business then you need Local SEO!

We help you to be the authority figure for your niche and area. Join us then sit back and watch the local enquiries start to roll in, it really is that simple.

Our Oxford based Local SEO service

If your business target clients within a given geographical area, it is important to get more traffic from that specific area. One of the most effective ways to increase your local traffic is by undertaking local SEO services.


According to recent Google research…

‘…One in every three searches are from people seeking information on a product or service within a specific geographic area.’

With figures like this, can you afford to ignore the local business listings?

The short answer, and only answer is, no.


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Local SEO requires the use of several methods and techniques that will give your business more visibility within a given geographical area.

If you have, for example, a carpet cleaning business in Oxford, Local SEO will ensure your business ranks higher in searches from people in and around Oxford.


One easy and effective way to implement Local SEO services is by using Google My Business.


Google My business is the most utilised and therefore best local business listing to be ranked in.


It makes life much easier for local businesses to connect with potential customers.


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Not sure what Local SEO is?

If you’re new to this and still don’t know what SEO really is then have a look at our blog post below.

We have aimed this directly at those of you new to SEO to help you understand what SEO entails without blinding you with science.

Our SEO services can be full-time or an extension of your marketing team.

We begin by looking at your online objectives to determine what can be improved, or we can help you define your strategy altogether. On the other hand we can work with your in-house marketing group to develop an achievable strategy. We provide both support and expertise depending on what a business needs.


SEO strategies use keywords to achieve increased visibility.


We identify the right keywords for your business and uncover the keywords that your competitors haven’t.


Discovering beneficial ‘long tail’ keywords (see our article here if you’re not sure what we mean) can deliver you huge streams of untapped traffic that you may have never received.


The keyword selection process involves a rigorous analysis of your entire business strategy and in depth analysis of your competitors.


After we’ve finished a full audit of your website, and established the right keywords for you, its time to make your website reflect this.


We take care of all the on page SEO, you’ll need this to ensure the search engines send you the best traffic once ranking.


This includes improving your content where we feel benefit will be had and adhering to the best practices of on page optimisation.


Off page SEO is seen as the largest part of ranking a website and this is where we get really creative.


From our link building to our content creation and distribution, this is where the majority of our ongoing work will be focused.

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