Local SEO in 2017 – Simple Tips & Tricks

Google is keen on making regular updates and changes in its algorithms. For a couple of years now, the masterminds behind the largest search platform have decided to focus extensively on the local market.

Since Penguin 4.0, local companies have been given the possibility to compete with local giants and even outrank them.

In other words, if you are good with local SEO, you might show on local searches before bigger competitors that have years on the market.


The Importance of Local SEO

According to the latest statistics, over 50% of customers who do a local search on their smartphones will actually visit the store during the same day. Furthermore, over 19% of them convert on the same day.

Having a strong local SEO strategy in place is key to driving higher quality traffic to your local store and to increase your brand awareness among local customers.

The great news is that finding local customers is easier than ever before by leveraging the benefits of Google My Business.


What Actually is Google My Business and How can it Help you?

Out of all local searches, 86% of smartphone users check out the location of a company on Google maps. If you have a good local presence and your Google My Business account is properly set up, you can drive tons of traffic to your site.

Google My Business (GMB) is the most important element of a local SEO strategy.

When your business is listed on GMB, it is similar to having your own piece of real estate in the virtual environment. Showing on GMB also enables you to appear on Google Maps and to become visible in front of millions of potential customers.

If your shop or business is located in a big city with millions or even tens of millions of yearly visitors, GMB becomes a gold mine for you.

Out of the vast variety of GMB benefits, it is worth noting that Google My Business:


– Is free

– Helps prospects find your physical location

– Offers better search visibility in Google local searches

– Displays useful information for customers

– Allows you to connect with customers using Hangouts

– Allows you to gain precious customer insights

– Tracks your website traffic and audiences

– Enables customers to leave you reviews

– Ties everything together


Tips on Leveraging the Potential of Google My Business

In 2017, GMB has become more important than ever before. To capitalize on this free feature offered by Google, here are some simple tips & tricks for you:

  1. Update any piece of information that changes as quickly as possible: this ensures that all of your customers can contact you and find your location
  2. Share your best photos: GMB is the best place to “brag” about your location, products or working environment
  3. Reply to all customer reviews: many customers will choose to change their reviews from negative to positive if you interact with them and solve their complaints



Google My Business is at the forefront of all your local SEO efforts. Make sure to understand this tool and to make the most out of its features and options.

For more information about GMB and for personalized advice, contact us (note: link here to your affiliate page) and discover how to outrank your local competitors.

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