Is Link Building Still Important In 2017?

So you’ve gone a designed one of the best website’s in your industry, filled it out with an absolute archive of top quality content, your imagery, offers and navigation are stunning and unbeatable… why isn’t the phone ringing off the hook?


The question you should be asking yourself is ‘Can people find it?’


If the answer is no, what is the purpose of your website? To cost a small fortune and look nice? Of course not!


You want traffic and business otherwise you wouldn’t have gone through the effort in the first place, right?


Time to ask yourself another question, ‘Will people look beyond the 1st page of Google?’


The reality is that the vast, VAST majority simply won’t go further than the 1st page of search results, ever!


So don’t just sit in the comfort of your home or office hoping for some magic to happen resulting in reams of traffic. You have to work for it and be ready to spend on it until you are where you need to be.


Luckily, there are a lot of ways that we can help you get direct traffic to your website; link building being just one of them. Despite some people wanting you to think otherwise Link Building is still considered one of the most important ranking factors in 2017.


What is link building?


Link building is one of the key ranking factors that a search engine will consider when looking to rank your website. It is essentially having external pages or websites link directly to a page or article on your site.


Unfortunately, there have been many people and companies out there who try to manipulate this fact using spammy and underhand techniques resulting in websites being banned from the search results.


Therefore, you need to take your time before deciding the right company for your website. At Inlink, you don’t have to worry about this as we are a company that offers nothing but the most innovative approaches and linking strategies.


Once you approach us, our team will first help you determine your link building objectives, identify your audience, and take you through some strategies that we are likely to use. Let’s take a look at some of these strategies.


Link Audits


This mainly involves evaluating your existing link profile so we can remove any that may now be considered detrimental, due to Google guidelines getting ever more strict, and for us to know how best to proceed with you link building campaign.


Content Marketing


This is now one of the most used strategies by our team. This is where we come up with creative content that is related to your website theme, products and / or services. These are then shared and links are directed towards your website. We will also add a call to action to persuade readers to refer to your site for more details.


Digital PR & Outreach


Our online PR consultants are incredibly well informed with contacts in the right places. This makes it easier for us to get your content in front of reputable publishers, bloggers, journalists, influencers and personalities so we can generate as many links as possible from the consequent media shares.


Blogging and writing


We are blessed with a bulging list creatives whose main aim is to come up with killer content that will get chins wagging. If it isn’t worth sharing it hasn’t come from us! Our content is perfectly poised to attract as many links and shares as possible.




We appreciate that in this new world of instant gratification and increasingly short attention spans that not all people will finish or even start an article as such we have to change tact to appeal to them. The answer is infographics! Our design team work in close collaboration with our writers to make sure that they design graphic visuals with a strong message. The graphics are easy to digest and, more often than not, are sure to tickle your funny bone. Only if the message permits it mind!


Interactive content


We understand the importance of a well written article in link building, and we also value the art of opening up dialogue. Our content is designed to open conversation and pose questions to the reader, questions which we, and your website, are perfectly geared up to answer! It is from such articles that the reader is motivated to refer back to your site to learn more about the topic discussed.


Link bait


No doubt you’ll have fallen foul of this content marketing strategy on more than one occasion! There’s nothing quite like a snappy tagline to make you click your time away. The power of such content in link building cannot be under-estimated! Top 10 list anyone?


The main aim for all the above techniques is to get people talking and sharing what it is you’re offering.


Time to get VIRAL!

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