Future SEO predictions & trends you HAVE to be aware of

Future SEO predictions & trends you HAVE to be aware of!


The importance of SEO (search engine optimization) has grown exponentially as of late. Companies that manage to “please” Google, Bing and Yahoo can easily outrank their competitors and make the first position in search rankings. All of these successful companies have one thing in common – they have understood how SEO works and have managed to pinpoint the main SEO trends available in 2017.

All of these successful companies have one thing in common – they have understood how SEO works and have managed to pinpoint the main SEO trends available in 2017.

For 2018, specialists agree that Google is preparing even more updates than in 2017. Most of these updates will impact mobile searches and voice search, but some of them will also deal with link farms and low quality content.

SEO experts such as Barry Schwartz, Chris Boggs, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Chuck Price, Rob Woods, Matt Cutts and Eric Enge agree on certain SEO trends that will soon hit the market. Read their predictions below and stay ready for the upcoming optimization season that will hit us starting from

Read their predictions below and stay ready for the upcoming optimization season that will hit us starting from the early 2018.


Top 5 SEO Predictions for 2018

  1. Voice Search Will Grow by up to 100% in 2018

There is no secret that voice search has exceeded all expectations in terms of usage and spread. Since 2008 when voice search was first implemented, voice search queries have gone up 35 times.

Even though voice search has been around for years, we were able to experience its power just starting in the late 2016 when tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Google have released on the market their voice-enabled personal assistants.

Amazon Echo (aka Alexa), Google Home and Apple’s HomePod are changing the way we communicate with our friends and have made it easier to conduct searches online.

In the voice search environment, the paid ads are completely eliminated. At the same time, the search engine focuses on providing the most accurate result.

Optimizing for voice is quite difficult at the moment, as there are no clearly defined optimization techniques.

However, what you can do is to ensure that you include a lot of long-tail keywords in your text and that you answer people’s questions in your copy.


  1. Mobile Search will Continue to Grow

You have probably got tired of hearing over and over again about mobile optimization.

However, this trend is THE MOST IMPORTANT of all SEO trends for 2018, so you would do well to make the most out of it.

The naked truth is that many webmasters are still clinging to the old desktop optimization and completely neglect the power of mobile.

Mobile search has overtook desktop search since the early 2016. For 2018, specialists predict that mobile queries will reach 60% of the total traffic.

When it comes to local queries, over 80% will be mobile.

All of these mean one thing for you – it is paramount to start prioritizing mobile over desktop.

At a minimum, have a mobile optimized website (responsive) or a separate mobile version of your site.

Furthermore, consider switching to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to make your pages load extremely quickly and to provide your users an improved navigating experience on mobile.


  1. Machine Learning is Here

With the integration of RankBrain into Google’s ranking algorithm, AI(artificial intelligence) and machine learning have become an integral part of our lives.

RankBrain is a learning algorithm sophisticated enough to understand what people are searching for and to provide them the most accurate information.

This system pioneered by Google in 2016 is continually learning, which means that the quality of the results will improve over time.

What does this mean for you?

For starters, quality content that answers people’s questions has become extremely important.

Google will also start to put an increased emphasis on engagement metrics such as bounce rate, engagement rate, time spent on page and click through rate.

LSI (latent semantic index) keywords and long-tail keywords will also become increasingly important, so you would do well to integrate as many of these in your copy.

According to the most bold SEO predictions for 2018, machine learning will replace any standard search queries.

This means that the results might be way more volatile and ranking using a certain formula will become a thing of the past.

How can you prepare for what it is about to come?

– Create only ORIGINAL content (make sure to pass copyscape 100%)

– Integrate long-tail and LSI keywords in your text

– Focus on only one term on each page: do not focus on more products or services in the same niche or from different niches on a certain page

– Ensure your landing page is easy to navigate, attractive to the user, with clearly defined call-to-actions and large buttons


  1. SEO Might Soon Take the Face of PPC

Pay-per-click advertising, implemented by both Google and Bing using Ads, might soon take over SEO.

According to a few experts, pages will soon be ranked using the same ranking algorithm Google and Bing use to rank ads. This means each page will get a score based on certain elements and factors.

Some of the most important will be social signals, on-page satisfaction & metrics, engagement rate, loading speed, ease of navigation and of course content authority.

While this SEO prediction is a long-shot, we might see it become reality sooner than many of us expect. We believe that by the end of 2020 organic ranking will completely integrate the actual pay-per-click ranking system.


  1. Authority of Links

What we have noticed in the previous years in the link-building area will more than likely continue as it is.

Link authority will become increasingly important, while link density will lose its importance.

What do we mean by that?

It is better to have 5 links from authority sites such as inc.com, newyorktimes.com or huffingtonpost.com than 50 links from low-authority sites.

As for links from low-authority sites that are not in your niche, they will penalize your site, so it is wiser to stay away from getting these links.

This doesn’t mean that link building is not important anymore. In fact, link-building will still be one of the 3 most important ranking factors in 2018, together with content quality and page usability.

Authority links will continue to count as “positive” votes. However, make sure to stay away from any black-hat or grey-hat link-building practices. Sooner or later Google will discover and punish you accordingly.


Honorable Mentions

We also believe that these two SEO trends will become even more important in 2018:

  1. Local SEO will grow considerably in the local environment
  2. Social media signals will play a huge role is boosting a page rank.



With these in mind, you are now well equipped to rank high in the years to come and to outsmart your competitors. Keep your eyes open for potential Google updates and stay two steps ahead of the flock and you will enjoy tremendous success.

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