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Who are we and why choose us over other SEO agencies?

We are not solely aiming to outrank your competitors, we are here to help you out fox and out think them and ensure your output into the digital domain is of the highest quality.

Who are In:link?

We are a collective of digital marketing experts and designers that have come together to combine our skills and form a dynamic team dedicated to providing the best possible internet marketing services for our customers.

Regardless of whether you are a small local business, massive multi national business or a charitable organisation…

We have the know how to boost your online presence and raise the level of enquiry and interest you receive.

We favour a tailor made for you approach over the ‘one size fits all’ packages many companies still think are effective, after all every business is different, so a bespoke approach is always the way to go.

We are not solely aiming to outrank your competitors, we are here to help you out fox and out think them and ensure your output into the digital domain is of a much higher quality content than theirs.

It is this combination of improved exposure and enhanced output where true success online comes from.

There is no point in getting a website to the top of the 1st page of Google if when it is clicked on it isn’t enticing enough to generate interest. You need a company who isn’t afraid to tell you where you need to improve and we at In;link are that company.

If you don’t want to hear hard truths about your company’s online approach, don’t pick up the phone. Only people who want to be a success need apply.

If you’re new to all of this, and judging by the thousands of new businesses setting up everyday in the UK many people are, you might be thinking…

‘Do I need a presence online?’ The answer is a resounding Yes, but only if you want your business to survive, thrive and grow

Search engine optimisation, social engagement and a solid website with great content that has value are going to be the most important tools to making your business a success.

Not sure what SEO is?

If you’re new to this and still don’t know what SEO really is then have a look at our blog post below.

We have aimed this directly at those of you new to SEO to help you understand what SEO entails without blinding you with science.

Our Approach

We begin by looking at your online objectives to determine what can be improved, or we can help you define your strategy altogether. On the other hand we can work with your in-house marketing group to develop an achievable strategy. We provide both support and expertise depending on what a business needs.


SEO strategies use keywords to achieve increased visibility.


We identify the right keywords for your business and uncover the keywords that your competitors haven’t.


Discovering beneficial ‘long tail’ keywords (see our article here if you’re not sure what we mean) can deliver you huge streams of untapped traffic that you may have never received.


The keyword selection process involves a rigorous analysis of your entire business strategy and in depth analysis of your competitors.


After we’ve finished a full audit of your website, and established the right keywords for you, its time to make your website reflect this.


We take care of all the on page SEO, you’ll need this to ensure the search engines send you the best traffic once ranking.


This includes improving your content where we feel benefit will be had and adhering to the best practices of on page optimisation.


Off page SEO is seen as the largest part of ranking a website and this is where we get really creative.


From our link building to our content creation and distribution, this is where the majority of our ongoing work will be focused.


We favour steady, high quality, multi tiered link building strategies that ensure long term results and high quality traffic for your business.


We do not rely on software of ‘bots’ to churn out huge numbers of links that will ultimately harm you and get you penalised by Google and kicked off the search engines.


If you have been penalised we specialise in Google Penalty Recovery and will work on your behalf to rectify the issue directly with Google and the other search engines.


If you fear this is happening to you at the moment then give us a call to and we will check your link profile before it is too late.


We work exclusively via outreach and relationship building to ensure we can get top quality content out on your behalf and reap the rewards of the high authority links that come as a result.


Taking short cuts in this industry will not only harm rankings but also the image of your company, after all who wants to work with someone blacklisted for cheating? It doesn’t bode well.


This is the only way to ensure long term results that aren’t going to be affected by any algorithm changes, of which there have been, and will be, many.


Ultimately taking ‘short cuts’ equals ‘short changing’ yourself and your business, so if you want to use tried and tested digital marketing services from a company with an ethical, reliable and friendly approach then, you are in the right place!

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